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What to Look for When Buying The AED Machine

Every year’s American record 356,000 cardiac arrests happening away from the hospital. Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone and even to people who appear to be healthy and it is among the leading causes of death for people below 40 years with a 10% survival rate. However the survival chances can increase when you have a lifepak 15 price. Once you have the cardiopulmonary resuscitation and a defibrillation with the AED for instance the chances of saving life are high. This is because this lifepak is the only chance that you have a chance to return the victims heart to survival and have a normal and rhythmical heart beat to normal. Read more on this site. Each moment a patient spends without CPR there is a 7to 10% decrease of survival. Patients counts on you to have the right survival kit that will help them in this time of need. Keep reading o more about lifepak15. Surviving the cardiac arrest will depend on the use of the AED machine. Buy what are the factors to consider when you are buying one? Since all AED machines main purpose is to save life, there is no machine that is better than any other but the difference is the price and the features. See more details. Click here to know more about lifepak 15.

Price matters. For starters pads and batteries and pads will require to be replaced after some time. There are two main pads for the pediatric and for the adults. Be sure which pads are the ones you want to buy. If you are looking to buy pad for pediatric, shop here. They are suitable for children under the age of 8 years and who weigh less than 55 pounds. See more info here. Battery life will also vary on the manufacturer. Most of the batteries will last between 2 to five years. It is important that you know the battery replacement dates .It is crucial to plan ahead and have a replacement before the battery dies. Click for more info here about lifepak 15. Read more here at

The display screen is another feature to look for when you are purchasing. Some AED shows texts on screen that will repeat when an audio prompts are saying. Some have flashing light or the graphics and some other only have audio prompts alone. The visual display does not affect the effectiveness of the AED but it does help respondents. For instance, the lifepak 15 defibrillator will give EMS workers dual mode LCD screen. This enables them to switch from seeing full color to full contrast mode making the screen more readable. See this page for more details. To gain more knowledge on medical supply, go to

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